• A sign marks the U.S Treasury Department in Washington

    Should the US Issue 100-Year Bonds?

    By Michael Rainey

    Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Wednesday that the U.S. is considering issuing ultra-long U.S. bonds – debt in 50- or 100-year durations. “If the conditions are right, then I would anticipate...

  • Can a Divided Congress Step Up to Fight a Recession?

    The Congressional Budget Office projected last week that the deficit for the current fiscal year will rise to $960 billion, or 4.5% of gross domestic product, up from $779 billion (3.9% of GDP) last...

  • House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi speaks with reporters during her weekly news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington

    Pelosi Accuses Trump of ‘Stealing’ Relief Funds

    By Michael Rainey

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the Trump administration’s effort to shift $271 million within the Department of Homeland Security to support activities at the border is a “brazen assault” on the...

  • U.S. President Trump meets with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Khan at the White House in Washington

    Trump Administration Shifts Millions from Disaster Relief to Border

    By Michael Rainey

    The Trump administration plans to use at least $155 million in disaster relief funds allocated to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to pay for immigration detention and processing facilities on...

  • Is a Big Jump in Federal Spending Now Inevitable?

    By Michael Rainey

    A group of influential investors and policy wonks says that a major expansion of government spending appears all but inevitable in the next few years. Barry Ritholtz, a Bloomberg columnist who runs...

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